Review: Blood Moon by Silver James

Okay, some things, you just don’t do. You just don’t.

This is a big fat 1 star from me, because UNANNOUNCED BESTIALITY IS A JUST DO. NOT. DO. IT!

If you just feel that you absolutely must put bestiality into your book, WARN ME FIRST so I can back away quickly and without the creepy-crawly feeling.

I’m displeased enough to almost break my own rules and actually rate this on the major sites.

I can’t believe I’m the only one who is displeased by this unmentioned explicit wolf-mounts-woman ‘dream’… but it seems that way. No one even mentioned it in the reviews!

Ugh, seriously? First time I’ve asked for money back on a Kindle book. Whatever, if you just have to put in some explicit bestiality. BUT WARN US FIRST so we can make a choice not to read about it.

Even amongst those of us who enjoy werewolf, vampire, etc. type of stories, WARN US about bestiality, snuff, and various other extreme forms of sexuality. Even BDSM people have the courtesy to warn us… but bestiality?!? Come on!


I won’t break my rule and post this to the major sites. But I will warn people this way.


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