Fractured Moon by ER Pierce

Alright, this one is mostly good news. Yes, I like some books. :p

I know I’m supposed to use the sandwich method, but I really just like to get the bad news out of the way, and move on to the good stuff, you know? Then you get to be left in the end with the dessert taste rather than the brussel sprouts…  So here goes nothing.

The things that I didn’t like about this book were:

1. Some misused words. Weary where it should have been wary, as an example. No offense to the author; I blame this one on the school system, in all honesty. At 40, English lessons and spelling lessons were very different in my youth. So it’s hard to be tough on an author about little things like that, especially when these are things I blame more on the editors and proofreaders. A rant for another day and time, that… believe me. So this is a very minor thing through this book, and not nearly enough to take even a half star off the rating, IMO. It’s minor comparatively.

2. Tattoos. Not my thing. This is just personal preference, though, so no harm, no foul.

3.  The whole ‘frenzied jealousy’ thing so is not my scene. I appreciate that it’s all the rage right now, but it’s so obsessive-stalker-ish. I understand the heroine’s feelings in this case. She’s insecure for understandable reasons. But the standardized jealous dude thing is sort of creepy. This again, though, is personal preference. I was married to Mr. Macho stalker-obsessive-compulsive-jealous type and he was just unbelievably evil.

4. Still haven’t figured out who the hell Greta is. Just one of those things that was sort of there, and was talked about like I shoulda known who she was. But I never did really figure it out. Mystery figure is mysterious… o_O

Again, though, number 3 just seems to be the flavor of the fad for shifter/supernatural fictions. So I certainly don’t hold it against E.R. in this case.


Now, you might be tempted to say, “So, that was really rough. I guess you hated the book, right??”

My answer to that is a stern and certain, “No.” I really, really enjoyed the book. And I’d give it a solid 5 stars. I don’t believe it takes perfection to reach 5 stars. The book’s well-written, and it has a solid and worthy plot. Most of my discomfort [which was extremely mild] came from the personal preference issues as stated above.

I enjoyed our heroine and I liked her a lot. She was perfectly imperfect. The romance was much better than the usual, “oh, look, we’re mates, let’s fuck like minks RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW!” stuff. Not that they took eternity to get there, but they did have courtship and some normal intimacy issues. Haha, what a statement about our world, that intimacy issues are normal. :p

Ceithin was likable as well. I enjoyed watching him make an idiot of himself in ways that actually kind of made sense. Too many heroes make asses of themselves in ways that just leave you going… seriously, dude?? Really??  But Ceithin was putting forth the effort to be gallant and have integrity.

I liked the whole telepathy thing, and how it played into other areas.  The villain is well done, in my opinion, and the villain’s helper was enough of a surprise to please me. That didn’t play out predictably, and that’s a pretty big deal.

I also enjoyed the small details the writer put into it. She did a great job with bringing in so many minor things that you wouldn’t really think about [like the brother’s masturbatory status…. er]. These things seem superfluous, but they actually give humanity to the characters. Ironic since they’re werewolves. :p

It was also nice that she did put them in there, but didn’t overdo it. The book could easily have really lagged along if she’d done much more explaining and background. It’s a fine line that she walked well.

The other surprise with another character certainly threw me for the biggest loop. Totally unexpected, and my personal jury is still kind of out on that. I think it could have borne better explanation, but it was indeed super kewl anyway. So I’ll take it for what it is.

This book gains a solid 5-er from me. The few negatives are relatively minor, and more personal preference than writing or plot issues. No plot holes I could drive a Hummer through, and not so much sex that I had to search for a plot (another personal preference–not a huge fan of erotica-with-a-pretense-at-a-plot).

This is one that I can safely rate on the various sites. Yay!


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  1. Shannon, thank you so much. I loved this review.

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