Mission Statement


I generally won’t review or rate other people’s books on official sites like Goodreads or Amazon unless I can give it five stars comfortably. Giving negative reviews or ratings on those sites just makes me feel wrong; like a politician trying to win by throwing around the other guy’s dirt. Listen, we all have dirt, and that’s not the right way to win, if you ask me.

Granted, you didn’t… but I’m saying it anyway. :p

So that’s why I don’t do reviews out there in the public eye in a way that it’ll effect sales for the other person. If nothing else, let’s face it… every novel written is done so with love. Or at least, most are. Novel writing is a huge endeavor, and I think it’s pretty few and far between that people who do it, are doing so just for money. It’s a tough fight to the top and even then, there are easier ways to make money.

So a negative review is crapping on someone’s livelihood. It’s taking a big dump on their hopes, their dreams, and that bit of themselves that they poured into the novel.  In general, I don’t like to do either one.

That being said, sometimes, some books make me want to say something.  Sometimes, they make me want to clap and stomp my feet and yell with joy. Sometimes they make me want to just cover my head and try to staunch the bleeding from my eyes.  Rarely, they make me want brain bleach. Like, badly.

Now, as a writer, I’m not in much of a position to make these statements.  My books aren’t perfect, and they have no doubt made a few people want brain bleach. Bless their hearts.

And I’ll say this. I write these with the full knowledge that I’m a hypocrite. I don’t enjoy getting “omg this book sukz” comments. None of us do. And I’ll try to avoid ever saying it like that. But sometimes, I really feel a need to get things off of my chest.

I’m going to do it here. And if you want to tell me that I’m a hypocrite, feel free. I’ll agree with you.  But I’ll still say what I have to say. When the mood takes me, that is…


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